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Honda CRZ Type R

Remember the Honda CR-Z? That’s the 2-seat hybrid sports car with the cantiky body that Honda introduced back in 2010. It sold pretty well at first, due largely to its attractive styling, but that was before people realized its wimpy IMA hybrid powertrain Honda Performance Development (HPD) has been allowed to propose changes to its Aero Kit, claiming areas of its car were deficient compared to its "That person won't be an unknown quantity or stranger to the sport," Miles said. Miles also said there The eyes of the world are on the Honda NSX at the moment. But before we’re much older, the Japanese company will also have launched a smaller sports car – as well as a spiritual replacement for the wonderful S2000. Further into the future, Honda is Plans for a brand new, all-electric honda sports car have been given the green light by the president of the Japanese company. The sub-NSX model, which would feature a motor driving each wheel, has been developed alongside the newly launched hybrid supercar. But for driving enthusiasts an all-wheel-drive battery electric sports car is one of the most intriguing. Effectively a halfway house between Honda’s all-electric based Pikes Peak racer (which won the development class this year, the hillclimb’s Honda has had electric dreams for several years, with this concept appearing back in 2012Reuters Honda is to build an all-electric sports car as a spiritual successor to the two-seater S2000. A working prototype with four electric motors replacing a petrol .

Honda is planning an all-electric sports car that could have up to 350 horsepower. Thanks to the research and development done for the all-new 2017 Acura NSX, Honda is getting ready to offer more sports cars in the near future. First, there’s the Civic Honda is working on an all-new pure-electric sports car which, according to our sister-magazine Autocar UK, could sit below the upcoming NSX. The long gestation period for Honda’s next-gen NSX hybrid supercar launch has allowed the manufacturer to start The Honda handover was done by the late Formula 1 constructor classifieds for examples of the Tesla Roadster (a quick but far from perfect battery sports car) turned up three, each at £50,000-plus. Surely, that’s proof the electric fun car commands Most noteworthy among the displays were the all-new Clarity and all-new NSX super sports car. The Clarity is Honda’s innovative fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) developed for a new hydrogen society, which is sustainable and environment-responsible, yet still .

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All Honda Sports Cars

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Honda 2000 Sports Car

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Honda Sports Car Concept

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Honda 2 Door Cars

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Honda Sports Car

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is a honda civic si a sports car is the honda civic coupe a sports car

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Tricked Out Honda Civic

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2015 Nissan GTR Nismo

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Future Honda Sports Car

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Honda Civic Sports Car

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Honda S2000 Sports Car

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2014 Honda Sports Car

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First Honda Sport Cars

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Honda CRZ Hybrid Sports Car

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Honda Civic Mugen Type RR

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Acura Advanced Sports Car

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Honda Sports Car

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Honda Sports Car

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Honda S660 Concept Car

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